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Arctic Monkeys tour posters for Sydney and Brisbane shows by Tom Whalen

I would have called AM ‘Arctic Monkeys’ if we didn’t have such a ridiculous name
— Alex Turner on the album ‘AM’ (via snap-out-of—it)


live @ Subbotnik Festival in Gorky Park (Moscow, July 2013)

GET TO KNOW ME MEME5/10 celebrity crushes » Alex Turner

"I would have ended up doing like English at university or something like that and like… i don’t know… being a juggler in me spare times"

Rock Werchter 2014: Arctic Monkeys - July 15th

NOS Alive Arctic Monkeys - July 12th


I never know what to do with my face when I’m taking a selfie?? Either way here’s the best attempt of many


good cue to unfollow someone: if they say things like “tumblr gets so offended by everything” “im waiting for someone to get offended by this” *making fun of tagging triggers*


Arctic Monkeys live at Roskilde Festival 2014 (full show)