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Jake Bugg performing ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons on the Radio 1 Liveloung. Watch the performance here [x]


Arctic Monkeys at United Center, 2012 [x]

What you waiting for? Sing another fuckin’ shalalala.

i always find it ridiculous how people can accept things like dragons, magic, mythical creatures, time travel, etc. in fantasy novels, but as soon as you start to wonder why there aren't many POCs/trans/gay/etc characters then suddenly people argue that it's "not realistic!1!!" smh




Well it’s true that sometimes a large amount of those groups just wouldn’t fit in with the fantasy world that’s created. For example, Merlin (the British TV series) is set in Dark Ages England, yet Guinevere is played by a black actress. There just wouldn’t have been any people of African descent in the British Isles at the time.

Many fantasy books and films are based on medieval Europe and its folklore, so that’s the kind of society the stories reflect. Any minorities were repressed, so if you could hide the fact you were different, you did. However, if it made sense and fit in with the world that’s being portrayed, of course we should have people from different races and of different sexualities if it didn’t jar with the storyline or the characters.

What I think is actually just as bad, or even worse than having no representation at all is having someone who’s there just as a token character. Guinevere, as I mentioned before, is the token PoC in Merlin. There is literally nobody else (bar her dad). That smacks of only including minority groups because you have to do so, and that’s not good representation.


you literally just proved my earlier point - although yes some of the elements of many fantasy novels are inspired by medieval european folklore, they are simply that - inspired.

you can’t treat fantasy as if it’s a historical source because it’s an alternate fictional universe altogether, so an argument like that is just invalid.

We Exist by Arcade Fire
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Let ‘em stare!
Let ‘em stare!
If that’s all they can do!
But I’d lose my heart
If I turn away from you

I’m quite happy with ‘Arabella’ on the new record. Lyrically. Well, all around, really, no disrespect to you guys. But I just think the words on there are… [shrugs] alright?

That's Where You're Wrong by Arctic Monkeys
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Jealousy in technicolor

the Black Keys + music videos

Arctic Monkeys at All Points West 2009


do u have some of those friends where u cant even remember how u became friends u just suddenly were friends

don’t get that sinking feeling, don’t fall apart